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individual hypno-coaching sessions in englisch. Our holistic approach combines modern hypnotherapy with the Huna-coaching philosophy of Serge Kahili King, Phd. The result is a highly effective method, that has been proven over the last 26 years with thousands of clients. Besides reaching the desired goal each session is geared to improve self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-confidence.

Mario Schwenninger - Trainer Mario Schwenninger - Trainer


Huna-Hypno-Coaching is aimed at harmonizing all aspects of life: work, family, health, creativity and spirituality. Therfore we look at the client and his issues in a holistic way.  In the process you will also get the tools that enable you to tackle the challenges on your own.                                              

Why Hypnosis?   Most styles of coaching use a mental approach to solving problems. This has at least two flaws. First it cannot reach deep rooted imprints and beliefs within the subconscious mind, and second it has a hard time to make their results long lasting. But our emphasis is focused around just that: uprooting deep seated limitations of the subconscious mind and implanting new guidelines and results with a long lasting effect.  How is this achieved? We use the scientifically proven techniques of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.                                 

What is the Huna-Part? Huna  wants to strengthen a positive, optimistic attitude towards life by emphasising 7 principles. According to our view, they are best guarantors for sustainable productivity and effectiveness.                       

The 7 principles of Huna-Coaching:

  1. Awareness - You perceive the world through your filters.
  2. Freedom - There are no limits
  3. Focus - Energy flows where attention goes.
  4. Presence - Now is the moment of power.
  5. Love - To love is to be happy with ... (someone or something).
  6. Power - All power comes from within.
  7. Effectiveness - Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

The four Selves

Another set of assumptions used in Huna is that human behavior and experience can be explained and changed through the interaction of four selves, aspects or functions:

1. The higher self, also called the creative self inspires.
2. The conscious self analyzes, imagines and decides.
3. The subconscious self remembers and rules the body.
4. The core self, when in passiv mode: witnesses ; when in activ mode: sends an impulse for right action

The four Levels of Reality

A third set of assumptions coming from the kupua tradition divides all experience into four levels or frameworks of beliefs about reality which can be summarized as follows:

1. Everything is objective (physical reality).
2. Everything is subjective (emotional reality).
3. Everything is symbolic (mental reality).
4. Everything is holistic (spiritual reality).


The seven principles in detail

1. Awareness: We perceive the world through our filters!

In order to fully understand the meaning of this first pinciple Huna-Hypno-Coaching offers the knowledge and the techniques to experience all aspects of our self .

The subconscious self or „lower self“ which manages all memories and rules the body.

The conscious self, which analyzes, imagines and decides.
The higher self, also called the intuitive self or supra consciousness inspires and gives guidance.
The core self is the eternal witness. The unchanging core identity „I AM!

2. Freedom : There are no limit!

Everybody has 
the right and the possibility to change the obstacles that hinder the achivement of his or her goals.
 Here Huna-Hypno-Coaching helps to dissolves limltation on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.creative self“, which inspires and gives guidance. The core self, when in passiv mode: witnesses; when in activ mode: sends an impulse for right action. The second important question here is : What do I really want?

 3. Focus: Energy flows where attention goes! 

Attention strengthens ideas, and repeated attention strengthens ideas until they become behaviours and experiences. Huna-Hypno-Coaching helps to build a strong motivation that makes it easy to focus on what you want and is in accordance with your vision of life.

4. Presence: Now ist he moment of power!

Huna-Hypno-Coaching helps to recognize, that it is more important to to live in the current then in the past. Even if we help to weed the field of consciousness of limiting beliefs and memories, it is happening now, and if we help to plant the seeds for future endeavors it is also happening now.

 5.Love: Love ist o be happy with...!

According to the Huna-philosophy love shows, when we are happy with somebody or something. This happy relationship produces harmony. The best way to be happy with somebody or something ist o reduce judgements and to strengthen praise and appreciation. Huna-Hypno-Coaching helps to reduce destructive self-criticism and to strengthen self-esteem and appreciation of oneself and others in ordert to solve inner and outer conflicts.

6. Power: All power comes from within! 

H.H.C. helps to discover inner ressources like positive memories, archetypal „inner guides“ and empowers self confidence and self-acceptance.

7. Success: Effectiveness ist he measure of truth! 

There are many ways to reach a goal! Thats why we draw from a number of different sythems like NLP, hypnotherapy, kinesiology, co-counseling and others to find what works for you.



Hypnosis for coaching

Hypnosis is used for many years in psychotherapy, medicine and sports. A lot of research has gone into hypnosis and its success rate has been documented by scientists for many years.

As one of the oldest healing methods of humanity it uses our born in ability to imagine, remember, dream and go into altered states of consciouness (trance). In those altered states that are experienced together with deep relaxation, it is possible to access the „shadow realm“ of our psyche. This shadow realm contains the memories, emotions, beliefs, and parts of our self that bind us.

Hypnosis makes it possible to change limiting beliefs in our memory banks and to anchor results and goals within our subconscious. But hypnosis makes it also possible to reach the parts of our memory and soul that are resources of healing, inspiration, intuition and wisdom. So one might as well call this part the „light realm“ of our psyche.

Many people are under the impression, that hypnotic states are only happening in the context of session whereby a „hypnotist“ induces a trance state. But

trance state happens also in daily life

while driving on a highway for a long time, while reading, watching tv, in the bathtub or doing monotonous work.

Everytime you are so absorbed that you don´t notice happenings or sounds in your enviroment or you forget about time you are in a sort of trance. In fact many emotional states fit all the criteria for trance like being in love, being jealous for example.

Huna-Hypno-Coaching goes so far as calling all states in which you are not present in the Now a trance state. That is to say, that we are already hypnotised by parents, teachers and society prior to any official hypnotic session. 

This is why H.H.C. has made it ist obligation to become aware of existing negative hypnotic programming by parents, teachers, religions and philosophies and to free people from it.  H.H.C. is using only suggestions in the service of more awareness, harmony and self-realisation.  This entails traditional and modern methods of hypnosis that are a co-creation of client and coach.

Besides hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques we draw from NLP-Time Line concepts,Ron Kurtz´s Hakomi , Gendlins Focusing and counseling for the griefing and dying according to Stephen Levine.




Mario Schwenninger

Mario Schwenninger (founder & trainer for Huna-Hypno-Coaching)

He trained under David Quigley in Seattle W.a. and California, USA 1986-89
 and became a trainer for David Quigley´s  „Alchemical hypnotherapy“ 

1989 he started training and coaching people in Berlin.

He studied Serge Kahili King´s Huna from 1994 onwards, and is a 
Huna-Coach  since 1997.


Other trainings he took:

  • Applied Kinesiologie (1989-´90)
  • NLP & Time-Line (1990 & 1996) 
  • Avatar Mentaltraining (1998 – 1999) 
  • Living Essence Coaching (2001 – 2003) 

I worked as hypnotist and hypnotherapist Seattle Wa.,USA from 1986- 1989.1989 was also the years I brought David Quigleys Alchemical Hypnotherapy for the first time to Germany. Since the foundation of Huna-Hypno-Coaching training institute 1989  I lead trainings in Germany, Austria and Scandinavia
Over the years and decades I enriched the content of the training by taking compatible techiques from other systems so that it covers more areas of therapy and coaching.

Clients describe my style of work as empathic, intuitive, and empowering.

Besides hypnosis trainings and sessions I led coaching seminars and coaching sessions for companies and people working for those companies like:

  • Messgerätetechnik München
  • LMU München
  • IHK Berlin
  • Motorola
  • Bosch
  • Siemens Kabelwerke
  • Telekom
  • Virtual heaven
  • Bombardier
  • Different
  • Pilot
  • SHORT CUTS GmbH design + kommunikation