» Love is to be happy with...!


According to the Huna-philosophy love shows, when we are happy with somebody or something. This happy relationship produces harmony. The best way to be happy with somebody or something is to reduce judgements and to strengthen praise and appreciation. Huna-Hypno-Coaching helps to reduce destructive self-criticism and to strengthen self-esteem and appreciation of oneself and others in ordert o solve inner and outer conflicts. 


We accompany you

... on your way to a new orientation in both personal and business matters.

  • We help you to consider :
  • What is my situation now?
  • Who am I?
  • What do I really want?
  • What is hindering me ? What didn´t?
  • What has worked?
  • What kind of ressources do I have?
  • Where could I be more flexible and creative?

Our Coaching is meant for the private person as well as
for business people

Our vision:

Harmony in all areas of life



Here is a selection of the issues that we work with the most in our Hypno-Coaching sessions

Relaxation and subconsciousness

  • How to relax deeply and communicate with ones own subconsciousness and your intuitive consciousness

Body and energy

  • Develop body awareness
  • Experience how tension in your body and subconsciousness are melting away
  • Get your energy harmonized

Clearing communication

  • Clearing unfinished business with colleagues, superiors, family members and friends
  • Learn how to communicate effectively

Emotional clearing

  • Transform limiting fears like the „fear of not being good enough“!#
  • Transform negative imprints on your memory
  • Rescuing your "inner child" allows you to heal the wounds of the past and to gets you in touch with innocence, emotion and playfulness


  • Get help in times of grief due to the loss of a loved one through death, divorce or seperation
  • Clearing unfinished business with deceased people allows you to live an unburdened life






Education/profession/ mission/creativity

  • Manage stress, „burn out“ and general dissatisfaction with work or private lifeL
  • Learn to manage your life by avoiding unnecessary stress
  • Overcome performance anxiety; exam nerves
  • Increase your motivation and concentration
  • Improve your learning abilities
  • Master unemployment and new job challenges       
  • Access new sources of creativity
  • Develop your goals according to your highest values and your mission in life


  • Becoming aware of co-depending patterns gets you out of the rut
  • Develop co-creative relationships

Self and spiritual exploration

  • Find you self worth no matter how old you are
  • Gain true self confidence and self acceptance
  • Find your inner guide/higher self  and get access to intuitive wisdom
  • Experience the benefits of deep hypnotic relaxation for meditation
  • Explore the deepest question in deep but aware relaxation: Who am I? Where do I come from? Why am I here? Is death the end of my existence?    
  • Letting go of attachments








How we work

  • We establish a desired goal
  • We find out what is hindering in reaching your goal
  • Depending on the hindrances we use guided relaxation and phantasie journeys; clearing unfinished communi-cation; regression work for clearing limiting memories and beliefs; communication with different parts of your personality; guided meditation
  • The positive results of each session are anchored within your subconscious so they will work in your daily life
  • We will concider feed back from coming from within you and from the outside world
  • One session lasts up to 1-1,5 hours depending on our agreement


The advantages

  • You will become more consciousness about all the different apects of yourself.
  • Freedom of negative emotional charge allows you to respond appropriate to lifes challenges.
  • Your empathic abilities will improve tremendously
  • Weil Sie sich jetzt besser kennen und daher gut für sich sorgen, werden sie eher ein Marathonläufer als zum Kurzstreckensprinter.
  • You develope emotional and intuitv intelligence
  • You will become more relaxed and more creative
  • Your work and your private life get back into balance
  • You discover inner resources that will be an advantage in your inner and outer life
  • You will improve your communication skills


Individual sessions:

1 Std. = 90,- € / 1,5 Std. = 125,- €


If you pay in advance

5 sessions = 10% discount
10 – 15 sessions = 15% discount
15 and above = 20% discount